Iterative Approach for Global and Local Stability of Built-up Stiffened Box Sections

  • Osama Bedair PhD.and P.Eng
Keywords: Box sections, structural stability, stiffened plates, steel structures, hollow sections


This paper describes iterative procedure for stability analysis of stiffened built-up stiffened box sections subject to combined loadings. Unconstrained optimization algorithm (UOA) is used to compute the global and local buckling stresses. Energy formulation is first presented for the structural elements assuming the stiffeners are rigidly connected to the flanges. Global buckling load also determined by minimizing the unconstrained objective function with respect to the displacement coefficients. The webs are assumed partially restrained against rotation and subject to non-uniform compressive and shear loadings. Web local buckling is also formulated using (UOA) by treating the skew angle and half wave length as design variables. Results are presented to illustrate structural performance of the assembled box section. Design guidelines are proposed that can be utilized in practice to maximize the structural response.


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